Inder Singh – Reprioritization Is Sometimes Necessary to Achieve Goals

Having led strategic planning efforts for Comcast and Cisco Systems, Inc., Inder Singh continues to build on a reputation for insightful leadership and the ability to delineate strategies for increasing profitability and client satisfaction. Prior to joining the executive team at Comcast, Inder Singh served as senior vice president of data networking and wireline equipment at Lehman Brothers.

According to recent reports, business leaders anticipate the possibility of economic volatility over the next three years. Organizations therefore continue to emphasize risk management to ensure that they meet corporate goals for productivity and profitability. The focus of this endeavor entails aggressive and nimble response to business risks and opportunities; the enactment of such programs protects companies from threats to revenue while positioning them to take advantage of new prospects to build value.

Companies increasingly stress the importance of identifying and addressing threats or opportunities quickly. New technology and enhanced employee training help achieve that vigilance, with best practices for compliance, monitoring, and risk assessment also noted as important to safeguarding the organization. In addition, companies benefit from keeping an eye out for economic fluctuations that could affect suppliers, customers, and other critical business functions.


Comcast Offers Extensive Children’s Programming for Summer

Inder Singh, a vice president at Cisco Systems, has a strong background of executive leadership, including roles at AT&T, Lucent Technologies, American Express, and Comcast. With Inder Singh’s help, Comcast has become a major force in telecommunications.

Comcast’s on-demand viewing service, Xfinity, now provides a summer of access to popular children’s shows. Xfinity’s mobile capabilities allow subscribers to watch their favorite series while on vacation. During the latter part of July, viewers can tune in free to Xfinity’s wi-fi system.

Children’s shows include Dora the Explorer, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sid the Science Kid, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Xfinity also offers classic children’s movies for downloading, among them Brave, Finding Nemo, and Freaky Friday.

In collaboration with Common Sense Media, Xfinity helps parents make informed choices by embedding film and television ratings. Parents can filter programs for age-appropriateness; they can also use a TV player application on Apple devices to locate kid-friendly shows and movies.